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How to Crack the KAS Exam & Degree Level Exams on the first attempt?

Kerala Administrative Service Exam is one of the most difficult exams administered by the Kerala PSC. They also hold a number of other degree-level examinations. To pass the KAS and other degree-level examinations for the first time, a very strategic approach is required. This article discusses the key points to remember for aspirants attempting to pass the KAS exam for the first time.

The practice of Question papers from previous years 

The upcoming KAS exam will be the second of its kind. As a result, we didn’t have many questions from the previous year. Despite the fact that the KPSC held two sets of prelims and two sets of mains for the first time. Practising this question will help the aspirant understand the trend and distribution of marks. Aside from this, a candidate can take Administrative Service exams in other states such as Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu. Practising UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam questions will also boost the candidate’s confidence.

We can make use of the above technique in Degree Level Examination as well. 

Practice with multiple-choice questions

A man becomes perfect through practice. Correctly answering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) is critical for KAS prelims. Practice as much MCQ as possible before taking the KAS prelims.

This will increase confidence and can attempt more questions in the given time. 

Writing practice for the main

Mains answer writing is critical because it is used to determine the final rank list. The main benefit of answering writing practice is that it will help you organise your thoughts. Writing will allow aspirants to learn more. It is more important because the aspirant must complete a large syllabus.

Understanding the Exam Pattern

Understanding the examination Pattern of KAS and the Degree Level exams is an important strategy for cracking KAS. Students benefit from referring to the previous year question papers because it provides them with the necessary information about the syllabus and topics covered in the exam. It also provides more information about the weightage of marks assigned to various topics, allowing aspirants to plan their preparation strategy around those topics.

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