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Tips & Strategy To Crack KVS In First Attempt 

The official KVS 2022 PGT, TGT, and PRT Recruitment announcement has been made. In order to succeed in the upcoming KVS exam, candidates must have a plan. You should first be aware of your strengths and weaknesses before creating a strategy based on them. 

Know the Exam pattern

Understanding the exam format is crucial to passing the KVS. The KVS exam consists of 180 questions that must be answered in 180 minutes. The subject for which the applicant is applying is the main subject, accounting for a total of 80 marks (PRT, TGT & PGT). There won’t be any deductible marks for incorrect responses.

Part 1 of the exam consists of English and Hindi. While Part 2 consists of General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Reasoning Ability, Computer Knowledge, Perspectives on Education and Leadership and the Concerned subject.

Importance of Revision

Like any exam, the KVS exam requires extensive revision. After you have prepared all the concepts, carefully go over them once more. Before the exam, go over all of your weak subjects at least twice. Aspirants must review everything they have learned. Making brief notes while preparing can aid in speedy revision. Work on the topics in accordance with your strong, moderate, and weak areas. Complete each topic’s MCQs.

Crucial Time Management 

For the KVS Exam, time management is absolutely crucial. Try not to squander too much time on a single, drawn-out question. It is preferable to skip over such queries and move on to the next. Attempt challenging and lengthy questions last. Complete mocks are beneficial for the last bit of study. It will support effective time management.

Speed and Accuracy 

Since there is no negative marking, aspirants should check their accuracy because accuracy raises scores. Accurate answer completion is crucial. Therefore, make an effort not to respond to questions you are unfamiliar with. You must focus entirely if you want to make your attempts accurate.

For a timely exam attempt, speed is crucial. Speed and accuracy are both essential. Try to improve your speed. The more questions you attempt, the faster you will become because practice makes perfect. Exam preparation exercises should include daily questions. To save time, try practising calculations in your head.

Solving Mock Tests & Previous questions 

Try solving mock exams from previous years. to increase your knowledge, speed, and accuracy. Mock exams and papers from previous years are very useful. Identifying your level of readiness is useful. Examine your errors and take steps to fix them.

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