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Ayya Vaikundar: Kerala Rennaisance Leader Study Notes

Popular names for Lord Vaikundar include “Narayana Pantaram” and “Ayya.” As stated by Ayya Vaikundar, “One Caste, One Religion, One Clan, One World, One God” applied to him as the tenth manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He creates the “thottu namam podunkal,” “sama panthi bhojan,” and “samathva samajam”. 

He is regarded as the founding member of the Nadar community. Kerala Ayya Vaikundar Samathwa Samajam was the group Ayya Vaikundar founded. It can be regarded as Kerala’s first social organization. He was them. First South Indian to perform mirror consecration

His parents were Ponnu Nadar and Veiyelal, and he was born in 1809 at Swamithoppe in the Kanyakumari District of southern India. The childhood name of Ayya Vaikundar was Mudisoodum Perumal. But due to objections from those of higher castes, the family changed his name to Muthukutty. Muthukutty married Thirumalammal

Muthukutty worked in agriculture and climbed Palmyra palms for a living. In Akilattirattu Ammanai, the word Detchanam refers to the region of South India, with Swamithope as its capital. The devotees of Ayyavazhi made this place a holy site and built a temple there called Avatharappathi at Thiruchendur. Ayya Vaikundar did more than just preach his ideas to low-caste, poor people; he also put them into practice. At Poovandarthoppu, Swamigal began practising meditation. He practised meditation for the first two years in a six-foot-deep pit known as the Yoga dapa. People from lower castes worshipped him and referred to him as Vaikunda Swamigal, believing him to be the true incarnation of Lord Narayana.

He called Travancore king as ‘Ananthapuri Neechan’ and cursed Brahmins as ‘Karineechanmar’ (Black cheater) and British people as  ‘Venneechan’  (White  cheater). Swathi Tirunal  arranged for an enquiry at the  Suchindram  Temple  Mandabam to hear grievances of Upper caste peoples against Ayya Vaikundar

Swati Thirunnal sent his  army  to  Poovandarthoppu  to arrest  Vaikuda  Swamigal.  He was imprisoned at Shinkarathope jail. The Raja finally ordered the release of Vikunda Swamigal on  1839

All of Vaikunda Swamigal’s followers regarded him as their Ayya (Father). Typically, his adherents go by the name Ayya Vazhi Makkal. Numerous Inatthankals or Nizhalthankals were founded by Vaikunda Swamigal. These are tiny huts that provide shade so that people can practice their religion and feed the hungry. Palvaippuvizha is the name of a festival celebrated in these thankals that is typically held three times a year.

Anbukodi, also known as the “love-flag,” was the symbol Ayya adopted for his movement. Each caste had its own wells and tanks, and members of the other caste were not permitted to use the wells or tanks for water. Ayya Vaikundar established Munthirikinar at Swamithoppe to put an end to this evil practice. 

He gave his adherents the name Anbukodimakkal. At Ambalapathi, the Swamigal passed away in 1851.

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