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How to read a newspaper for KPSC University Assistant Examination?

Newspapers play a crucial role in University Assistant preparation, just like they do for all exams. It is critical for an aspirant to stay current on global news, events, and developments. The candidates should be required to read at least one Malayalam and one English newspaper. The aspirants can anticipate a good number of questions based on current events. It is crucial to read newspapers carefully and consistently as a result.

For the Examination, one must possess in-depth knowledge of current events, governmental policies, and socioeconomic concerns. Keeping current is best done by reading the newspaper. However, candidates should be required to read the newspaper in a way that will help them prepare rather than just waste their time.

Newspaper for University Assistant Examination: Understand the Newspaper

Candidates should be required to read only pertinent subjects with intense focus and concentration. Most newspapers have between 15 and 20 pages, with some pages devoted to specific subjects. To easily understand the necessary information from the newspaper, aspirants must set aside roughly 60 minutes each day to read the newspaper.

Newspaper for University Assistant Examination: What to skip?

  • Political squabbles
  • Politicians’ sensationalised statements
  • News about political party press conferences
  • A justification pertaining to the stock market.
  • News about entertainment

Newspaper for University Assistant Examination: What to read in the newspaper?

  • Important reports published by international organisations like the UN, WHO, UNICEF, ASEAN, etc. News about the international conferences and events that the Prime Minister and President attended, as well as the treaties and agreements that were signed there.
  • Major political occurrences in nations, such as uprisings and political changes
  • Press releases from the NITI Aayog, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, SEBI, and others
  • The implications of the reforms and measures the finance ministry has introduced
  • News regarding metrics like the GDP, CPI, IIP, etc.
  • Legislative acts and bills.
  • Plans and reforms that the government has announced.
  • Governmental plans and reports
  • Decisions made by the high courts and supreme court in crucial cases.
  • environmental and biodiversity-related issues.
  • News about culture and heritage, such as how national events and programmes are run.
  • The addition of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, GI tags, etc.
  • Information on threatened and extinct species
  • Other news pertaining to science and technology
  • Governmental programmes and initiatives that are available nationwide.
  • The significance of the event’s implications on the country.
  • For instance, any disaster, accident, etc. could have been avoided with a thorough disaster management action plan.
  • ISRO or other scientific development news
  • Worldwide News

Newspaper for University Assistant Examination: Editorials & Opinion Building

It is crucial for a candidate to carefully read the newspaper editorial. Eminent authors and seasoned professionals write these editorials and articles. They are knowledgeable and experienced on the subject. The candidates can form their opinions with the aid of these. The editorials will also assist the aspirants in making note of criticisms of government policies and conducting research on how the government is resolving such issues.

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