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Current Affairs Questions & Answer: April 10 to 24

  1. Name the aromatic rice variety from Chhattisgarh that has been granted a geographical indication (GI) tag recently.
  2. Name the mobile application introduced for the National Logistics Portal Marine.
  3. Which country has successfully launched a new spy satellite, named Ofek-13?
  4. Which institutes of technology, will host the Youth20 Consultation under the G20 Presidency of India?
  5. As per India Justice Report 2022, which state tops among 18 large states?
  6. Who is the author of the new book titled ‘Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradaiykta’?  
  7. The ‘Global Report on Sodium Intake Reduction’ report details the efforts toward a 30% reduction in sodium intake by 2025. The report was released by: 
  8. The United Nations 2023 Water Conference was held in: 
  9. Who has become the first female umpire to officiate a men’s T20I match?
  10. Which state has secured the highest number of Geographical Indication (GI) tags for products among all states in India in the financial year 2022- 23?
  11. A steelmaking process that lowers greenhouse gas emissions cuts costs and improves the quality of steel is referred as:
  12. Which organisation has published the report World Energy Transitions: Outlook 2023?
  13. Name the information-stealing malware that was used to target eight Central government entities recently. 
  14. Name the collaborative military drill performed by the Andaman & Nicobar command.
  15. The Mircha rice that has received the GI tag recently is from the state of:
  16. Name the solar-powered tourist boat launched by the Kerala State Inland Navigation Corporation that can produce 27 KW of energy.
  17. Which Indian village is popular as the ‘whistling village’ due to its unique tradition of ‘Jingrwai Lawbei’?
  18. Which organism in Western Australia is known for its ability to beat the heat by blowing mucus bubbles?
  19. According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority, which Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh is set to become a tiger reserve?
  20. The world’s first conservation and breeding centre for the critically endangered Asian king vulture is set to open in: 
  21. Which Vaccine Producer in India was awarded the Best Production/ Process Development award as a part of the Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) award at the World Vaccine Congress 2023 held in Washington?
  22. Name the portal launched recently by Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, which aims to connect and identify potential young Start-Ups.
  23. Name the state in which 179 mangrove pitta birds have been sighted recently. 
  24. According to the latest United Nations data, Which country has surpassed China to become the world’s most populous nation with 142.86 crore people?
  25. Name the campaign launched by the Union Government to bring marginalised rural women into the Self Help Groups network.
  26. The Executive Committee of the National Mission for Clean Ganga has launched a comprehensive Hindon Rejuvenation Plan recently. The river Hindon is a tributary of the river:
  27. Which mission of NASA has captured the first views of nine Jupiter Trojans and two main belt asteroids?
  28. Which Indian economist was chosen for the prestigious Malcolm Adiseshiah Award 2023?
  29. Who has become the first Indian woman to win the Wisden Almanack’s Cricketer of the Year award?
  30. Which are the two varieties of seeds that were sent to space by the IAEA and the FAO to make them climate-tolerant by exposing them to harsher surroundings?
  31. Name the initiative launched by WHO, with a focus on respiratory pathogen pandemic preparedness.
  32. Which country is planning to export 1,00,000 toque macaques to China?
  33. Name the operation that was started by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence to combat the smuggling of heroin by detecting the hidden drugs in the gearboxes.
  34. Name the early warning system developed by the scientists of the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA).
  35. The first Global Buddhist Summit was held in: 
  36. Name the mobile application launched by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj that aimed at empowering rural communities.
  37. Which was suggested by the researchers of IIT Madras to flush out oil from depleting oil and gas reservoirs?
  38. According to reports, Which country has become the world’s largest narco-state since the majority of its foreign currency earnings come from the production and export of Captagon.
  39. Which is the first state in India that adopts a Water Budget to tackle the problem of summer water shortage?
  40. Name the financial arrangement that enables foreign banks to conduct transactions in Indian rupees with domestic banks.
  41. Who has recently been honoured with the distinguished Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award 2023?
  42. Who has become the first female Air Force officer to receive a gallantry medal?
  43. What is the theme of 2023 Earth Day?
  44. Who was appointed as the new Chairman of the National Technical Research Organisation?
  45. Name the renowned tennis player, who has penned down an autobiography titled ‘Crosscourt’.


  1. Nagri Dubraj
  2. Sagar Setu
  3. Israel
  4. IIT Kanpur
  5. Karnataka
  6. Piyush Babele
  7. WHO
  8. New York
  9. Kim Cotton
  10. Kerala 
  11. Green Steel
  12. International Renewable Energy Agency
  13. Raccoon Stealer
  14. KAVACH
  15. Bihar
  16. Sooryamshu
  17. Kongthong, Meghalaya
  18. Short-beaked echidnas
  19. Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary
  20. Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh
  21. Bharat Biotech 
  23. Odisha
  24. India
  25. Sangathan se Samriddhi
  26. Yamuna
  27. Lucy mission
  28. Utsa Patnaik
  29. Harmanpreet Kaur
  30. arabidopsis and sorghum
  31. Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats Initiative (PRET)
  32. Sri Lanka 
  33. Operation Gear Box
  34. Farmers Distress Index
  35. New Delhi
  37. Supercritical carbon dioxide
  38. Syria
  39. Kerala 
  40. Rupee Vostro Account system
  41. Raj Subramaniam
  42. Wing Commander Deepika Misra 
  43. ‘Invest in our Planet’
  44. Arun Sinha
  45. Jaidip Mukerjea

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