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Kerala PSC Exam: Tips to beginners 

All exams conducted by Kerala PSC are the hardest exams to crack. If you are a beginner you should be well aware of the curtains that you have to follow. 

They are: 

Be thorough with the syllabus 

The KPSC Exams’ Syllabus can be thought of as a holy book. You must thoroughly study the exam syllabus in order to succeed. The journey will be made much easier if the student has a general and thorough understanding of all the topics covered in the syllabus.

Be clear about the Exam pattern

Understand the exam format before beginning your preparation. Examine the preliminaries and main question papers from the prior year. This will help aspirants understand the types of questions that may be asked. It will be useful for planning.

Start Smart Work

Be ready for preparation means that be prepared for Smart Work. Smart work means the right tools for the right work. When we complete the important task and portion first and leave the rest for later is the first step to smart work. 

Repeated Practice 

This learning strategy is unique in that it emphasises the time that you spend not studying. A student attempts to recall what he or she has learned in this retrieval practise after the study session has ended. Without an actual testing environment, a student challenges his mind to recover bits of knowledge it may have on a concept. Additionally, practising for smaller tests before the big one can be extremely advantageous. Either by yourself or with a study group are options. Ask your friends questions and include them in the quiz.

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