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Importance of Smart work in KPSC Exams 

Have you started preparing for your exams? Do you intend to start Exam preparation? Remember this! It is not difficult work; you must begin your smart work. The simplest and most widely used exam strategy is smart work.

The most common approach used by the top performers is smart work. It is the wisest course of action to take. Smart Work is the practise of completing urgent and important topics and tasks first and saving the rest for later. The candidate will benefit from having more self-assurance and from finishing the syllabus more quickly.

Smart work involves using the appropriate tools, which can be difficult to find. The candidate will benefit from considerable time savings. Spend as much time as possible on the proper reading material and study aids. Use only the materials that explain concepts in plainer language.

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S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Relevant

T- Time-bound

When strategising a study plan, students must keep all these key points in mind. It is bad to cram all your studying in a few days or weeks. Space out and create reasonably realistic study plans.

It is vital to drill yourself on various concepts. Scientists name this interleaving. When students practice a single concept repeatedly, their focus on the topic decreases as they know what is coming up next. Mixing up and spacing the concepts apart helps you draw comparisons and understand them completely.

Suppose your memory is like a bucket filled with water and has a small leak. Refilling the bucket while still full is comparatively easier than when the entire water drains out. Often some information might drip out from your memory. Allowing time between study sessions allows you to relearn it and then learn more in the next session. This way you will remember it better.

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